About us

Curtis Part Group is a niche leadership company, and we love what we do, it’s who we are. We understand that leadership and culture is key to success in the modern environment.
Leadership and company culture are the new relationship builders. People and organisations want to know they are spending their money with, and dealing with, ethically responsible businesses.


Our Mission:

We created Curtis Part Group to pave a new path in the business consulting world. One where results do the talking because we know that your success is our success.

We empower people by delivering an approach that has helped us achieve success. The future requires a new type of leader with deeper understanding and of greater vision.

business development
business development

The Work We Do

We work with you to help you grow. A business cannot develop beyond the capabilities of those running it. Our approach focuses on both the business itself, and the people behind it.

We Deliver key concepts to understand leadership and communication. We achieve this throughout personal, group and organisational levels.

We teach, coach and mentor companies to achieve their desired outcomes.



Always develop yourself and others. A growth mindset is always important

Participate in regular self learning and share this with others.

We are our best asset so we must do our best to look after ourselves and participate in learning and activities to develop.



100% accountability no excuses. Make it happen and be outcomes focused.

Our community is based on achieving purpose rather than doing things. We must be working on our mission and ensure our clients are outcome focused as well.



Always present in a professional manner. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Dressing and acting like the person you want to be is key. We must present ourselves in a way that represents who we are on a daily basis



Understand what the world needs and lead this with authenticity.

Always be transparent in a way that’s both liberating and inspiring.

Connect with our clients and ourselves to provide value that will create positive change



Always give our clients the truth and provide accurate advice.

We will be transparent in all dealings with services, suppliers, clients and potential clients



Create our best work with lifelong learning benefits.

We do not row the clients boat we will teach them how to work the oars.

We will put the client’s needs before our own.

What you can expect from us

  • High performance culture
  • Self-leading and inspired people
  • Improved employee engagement
  • Masters in communication, negotiation and influencing skills
  • Maximised business development and Sales success
  • Growth in revenue, profit and market share
  • A higher degree of loyalty from your clients and employees
  • A broader focus of your company’s capabilities
  • The vision to see new capabilities and the strength of character to achieve them

At Curtis Part Group we have a proven track record for helping people achieve new levels of success. We are helping companies create environments to empower teams. Our clients expect higher standards of performance in all areas of business and life. (so they can do their best work).

Could your business be more profitable?

Are you looking to increase your market share?

Do you want to win more money with your sales?

Is your business struggling to gain traction with leadership?

Do you want to effectively implement change management?

Contact us for your personal consultation now.

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