Specialist’s in Functional Leadership.

We bridge the gap between leadership theory and function, specialising in training and implementing Leadership, Culture, Communication and Ethics.

The business world will only become more competitive, organisatons that continue to succeed will do so because of their ability to create good leadership, culture and communication. Future success will require every person within an organisation to perform at their best. Leadership and culture are the foundations of success.  

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The World is looking at the way you do Business.

People want to know they’re conducting business with an organisation whose values extend beyond profit.

Ethical behaviour, Corporate Social Responsibility, Ethical Employment, are the new business requirements.

The CurtisPart Group Affect

The organisations we work with gain more than just knowledge. The capability to create and sustain a culture of engagement and high performance through the implementation of true leadership principles will be the hallmark of your leadership team.


Leadership, Culture and Communication

We are trained to identify and understand the barriers that limit organisational growth.

Working closely with you, we’ll help you and your people flourish both personally and professionally. A business cannot grow beyond the capabilities of those running it, our new approach focuses on both the business itself, and the people behind it.

We know that Improving one without the other reduces the effectiveness of change and growth, not to mention the effectiveness of resilience and sustainability.

Delivering key concepts for understanding leadership, culture and communication on a personal, group and organisational level, we teach, implement and mentor companies to achieve successful outcomes.

Our programs are tailor to suit the needs of your organization’s purpose and direction.

What you will achieve.

  • Leadership, culture and communication that will make good people wanting to work for your organisation.
  • Creating long term client relationships that your rivals will envy.
  • Increased sales through greater industry reputation.
  • High performance people that care about the organisations cause; thinkers, problem solvers, doers.
  • Self-motivated employees, inspired, engaged, committed; ambassadors for your organisation.
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Could your business be more profitable?

Are you looking to increase your market share?

Do you want to win more money with your sales?

Is your business struggling to gain traction with leadership?

Do you want to effectively implement change management?

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